WAITIEE Free Swimming Baby Inflatable Swimming Ring

What do you expect from a baby float? Color and design preference differ by person. However, we all prefer a baby float; which will fit your baby safely without any possible risk. Since babies love to kick, then who can stop them? No one! They know, it’s Fun!

WAITIEE is here to let them push themselves in the water in a safe way. The WAITIEE inflatable U-shape underarm baby float comes with out-of-the-box features for your baby. This is probably one of the best choices for your baby to teach them swimming from an early age. Let’s know why it is the best.

Why is WAITIEE Free Swimming Baby Inflatable U-shape baby float the best?

This baby float comes with a lot of standard features for which we can consider it as the best. Scroll down to know more.

Great Design: WAITIEE brings a uniquely designed baby float to ensure your baby’s absolute comfort. It comes with a vest-style design which can be flexible to adjust baby’s comfort. Moreover, your baby will definitely like its light blue color along with environmental protection printing. To grab your baby’s attention, it has a sounding bell in the dual airbag.


Superior Build-Quality: The baby float is made of environmental PVC material which is absolutely waterproof. It has non-toxic ink printing over the PVC that lasts for an extended period. Besides, the float comes with RF welded seams at all the edges. These seams will never leak even after frequent use.

Optimum Safety: In terms of safety, you’ll hardly find any competitor of WAITIEE. This U-shape swimming ring comes with all the safety preparation. It features shoulder strapswith a safety lock which is adjustable in the baby’s arm. Also, its double-decked air chamber design keeps your baby floating. The baby float has inflatable chest protection for more added safety. Once you inflate the float, then it won’t leak due to the layered valve.

Comfortable and Convenient Use: One of the best parts of this baby float is its comfortable backrest. It provides appropriate swimming posture. Your baby can swim being either prostrate or lying down. Furthermore, its dual air chamber design makes it easy to inflate and deflate the baby float. Your baby gets complete independence in the water which will bring them a pleasant swimming time.

WAITIEEIncluded Pump: Unlike others, this baby float comes with a pump which makes inflation easier. First inflated the small air chamber then gradually the big airbag.

Age Range: This baby float is available in small, large, and XL size. The small one is suitable for 3 to the 12-month baby, the large one is for 6 to the 30-month-old baby, and the XL size is suitable for 2 to 6 years old baby.


Drawbacks If Any:

This WAITIEE baby float works impressive, but it has a lack of direction as well. You have to stand by their side to let them swim in a particular direction.Moreover, some parents find the straps a little bit uncomfortable for their baby.

Wrapping Up:

This premium-quality baby float use lying swimming style; which is the right way to let your toddler learn swimming quickly. So, let them go with the flow.

WAITIEE Free Swimming Baby Inflatable U-shape Underarm Swimming Ring is a great choice for your baby. But if you still confused then check our another review of Swimschool Fun Fish Baby Float With Retractable Canopy Review or SwimWays Infant Baby Spring Float with Adjustable Sun Canopy Review.

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