VTech Turn and Learn Driver Review: Adventure Starts Here

Toot-Toot! Look, who’s coming? It is your cute little driver with VTech turn and learns driver toy. Don’t imagine, make it real!VTech is here to make your imagination come true with their excellent addition for your kid. Talking about the VTech turn and learn driver.

Honestly, your little one will love to pretend as a driver. It is one of the favorite interactive toys for toddlers. The Turn and Learn driver comes with an excellent way to learn through sounds, songs, and pictures. So, you need some more details as you are looking for buying one for your little champ. That’s why we have come with VTech turn and learn driver review. Scroll down to know more.

Features of VTech Turn and Learn Driver

This fun baby car toy comes with so many functional features to increase their motor skills. Let’s have a brief look over them.

Elegant Colors and Design: The first thing you’ll like about this toy is its attractive and functional design. However, it mimics the operational part of the vehicles. Every single part that a driver uses while driving a car is included here. For example, steering wheel, brake, mirror, traffic light, and so on. Furthermore, the toy is so colorful that your kid will definitely love it.

Imaginative and Functional Features: At the top of the toy, it includes a dog character which indicates different vehicles. It moves when you turn the steering wheel. The vehicles picture is printed over five colorful buttons. By pressing these buttons, your little one will get introduced with different animals.

Moreover, your child can also get to engage with different imaginative play. Like, it has traffic lights, a gear shifter which pushes and pulls introduce opposites, and a signal lever to trigger fun sounds. Also, this toy helps your baby to learn about the directions.

Play Modes: The Vtech turn and learn driver includes three play modes to make it easier to learn. These three modes include driving, animal, and music mode. Where in music mode, it includes more than 60 songs, melodies, phrases, and sounds.

Flexibility and Durability: Your baby will love to play with this toy due to its flexibility. All the buttons and moving parts are so smooth that your baby will play with ease. Also, the toy is made out of durable plastic material. Its build quality is so sturdy that makes it last for long.

Age Compatibility: The manufacturer claims that the toy is suitable for toddler’s ages from 6-months to 2-years old. It’s an excellent gift for both boy and girl.

Power Source: However, the Toy includes 2 AA batteries for demo purpose. You can also use new batteries in case of regular use.

Deficiencies If Any

Well, no serious issue is found for the VTech Turn and learn Driver, unless few. We did expect a supportive base of the toy. When your kid plays in the solid surface, then there is a little chance for damage. Likewise, some parents found the sounds a bit noisy.

The Final Verdict

Do you know that the real-world experiential learning prepares your kid remarkably ready for any environment? Indeed. Then why not do so with Vtech turn and learn driver. Our motive in the VTech turn and learn driver review is to provide every single info’s about the toy. Hope, we’ve done this well.

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