VTech Switch & Go Dinos Span the Spinosaurus Dinosaur Review

The Roar of dinosaurs is a way to express their love. You might have heard it for the first time, but your baby knows it. This is the reason that they love to play with dinosaurs. So, let them play with dinosaurs in a fun way. The famous toy’s brand, VTech is making this possible with their switch and go dinos span the spinosaurus toy.

Span the Spinosaurus is a wild member of VTech switch & go dinos. It’s a mean, powerful, and fast toy for toddlers. Your child will be able to learn dinosaurs facts, history, and many more. Here, today we are signing in with our Switch and go dinos span the spinosaurus dinosaur review. Let’s begin without wasting your precious time.

Features of Switch and Go Dinos

Switch and go dinos comes with lots of features to enhance your kid’s intellectual and motor skills. Read on to know more.

Switch & Go Dinos

Appearance: Switch and go is basically a dinosaur-themed toy which resembles an actual dinosaur structure.You’ll find lots of functions in different parts of dinosaur’s body. It comes in a combination of a blue and gray color. Also, it is equipped with a durable plastic material that ensures its durability.

Dual Mode: The best about this toy is that it is an easily transformable two-in-one toy. It allows transforming from dinosaur to vehicle. The theme of the toy is described in two modes. Whereas, in fighter jet mode, it launches the firing discs or free baby dinosaurs from the cage with rescue lift. In Dino mode, your baby can push dinosaur’s tail button to make him move his head, chew, and roar. These modes add fun to your kid’s playtime.

Cool Display: To add more excitement, it includes a dynamic LCD screen. The screen came to life with a single push on a button. This LCD shows a cool pilot and dino eyes animations. With just a single push on the style button, you can customize between pilot and dino eyes.

Switch & Go Dinos

Dinosaur’s Facts: Great news for the dinosaur lover, this toy let them know some interesting facts about dinosaurs. Also, your child will be able to hear dinosaur’s wild sounds and roar.

Plays Sound: The toy features more than 70 exciting sounds and phrases. It has several functional buttons, where each button let them hear different sounds and phrases. Also, they can adjust the volume using the volume button.

Age Limit: This handy dinosaur toy is perfect for kid’s ages from 3 years to 8 years.

Power Source: It comes with 2 AA batteries attached to the toy, but you can use any 2 AA batteries with the toy.

Drawbacks if Any

Since the toy comes with several small parts, so there is a chance for these parts to fall. Consequently, the joining part may dislocate. In such a case, a few drops of superglue will fix these issues. Also, some parents found it a bit simple for their 6+ years old child.

Wrapping Up

Indeed, with Switch and go dinos, your child is going to embark on a “dino-mite” adventure. They can do so many cool things while learning more about dinosaurs. So, it’s time for some dino switching, high flying, and live the moment!

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