VTech Smart Shots Sports Center Review

Encourage your little sports enthusiast’s game spirit with VTech smart shots sports center. Your agile child can learn great things, so guide them in the right direction. Like always, VTech helps to develop your child’s mental and physical abilities by inspiring and engaging.

Likewise, with VTech smart shots sports center, your baby can shoot, score, and learn. This electronic sports center comer with a basketball hoop and soccer net. However, the motive of manufacturers is to boost your baby’s sports skills and making them more active.

Although it sounds like, but it’s not any ordinary sports center. You may wonder, how does it differ from others? Well, we’ll provide you every single detail below in our VTech smart shots sports center review. Let’s get started.

Features of VTech Smart Shots Sports Center

Scroll down to know, what it comes with, how beneficial is it, and many more.

Smart Shots

Appearance and Color: Cheer your little stars with this appealingly designed smart shots sports center. It’s a large basketball cum soccer playing center. This adorable sports center is equipped with heavy-duty plastic material. However, its build quality is so sturdy that it can easily endure severe uses. This fun sports toy features lots of colors to cheer your kid. It helps them to know about all colors.

Two Option to Play: This 2-in-1 design includes a basketball and a soccer center. They can throw the basketball into the hoop to score a point and kick the soccer ball into the net to score a goal. When the soccer ball touches the net, it makes sounds to delight the kid’s mood. With a single fun toy, they can be habituated toward two games.

Animated LED Screen Board: At the top of the sports center, it includes a puppy-printed LED screen board. This animation screen board shows the count and number. It counts the number of dropping the ball into the hoop. Apart from counting, they also encourage to play with fun animations.

Funand Learning Features: VTech smart shots sports center comes with more than 50 songs, melodies, sounds, and phrases. It also comes with different shape buttons attached to the base support. They’ll be able to learn about shapes, number, and more, while pressing buttons, turning gears, and flipping pages.

Smart Shots

Whenever they kick the soccer ball into the net, the sports center will respond with fun sounds. Indeed, it helps a vital role to enhance their motor skill.

What Is Inside?: In this fun package, you will get one smart sports center, support base, soccer net, one character, basketball net, three gear, two balls, and six screws.

Age Limit: This educational sports center is recommended for children’s ages from one year to three years.

Power Source: The whole unit operates with 3 AAA batteries, and they are not included with the toy.

Problems If Any

This toy is perfect for keeping your toddler moving, but the overall unit seems a bit small. The height is slightly shorter than 1 or 2 years old toddler’s chest height. Some don’t claim that their baby has to bend down.


Overall, it’s an excellent unit for playing and for fun. With animation and sound effects, it helps to attract the baby’s attention and enrich curiosity. Hope, our VTech smart shots sports center review was informative. Undeniably, everyone is the winner with VTech smart shots sports center.

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