VTech Sit-to-Stand Alphabet Train Review

Kid’s toys are not only bauble but an intelligent machine as well. Teaching children’s is not always about answering questions, but sometimes letting them play as well. True! They can play, learn, and make tracks with the VTech sit to stand alphabet train.

It’s an exciting toy train to teach your little one’s numbers, letters, songs, colors, stories, and more. This multifunctional train offers different stages to provide your kid with endless playtime fun and learning. Since you are here to know more about the VTech sit to stand the alphabet train. Therefore, let us guide you with our VTech alphabet train reviews.

Features of VTech sit to stand alphabet train

Indeed, it’s a perfect fun learning toy for your kid. Let’s find out what it brings for your little champ.

Alphabet Train

Design and Colors: The best option for your toy train-lover kid. The sit-to-stand comes with an eye-catching train design along with two chambers. Where, in each chamber, it has so many fun and learning features for your kid. Like other VTech toys, this one is also equipped with heavy-duty plastic material. Besides, this colorful fun toy train combines different colors, which indeed grabs kid’s attention.

Different Stages: The toy features three stages of grow-with-me play to bring variation in kid’s playtime. They are; floor play mode, walker mode, and ride-on mode. They can play with partners in the floor, push as a walker, and ride-on the attached carriage. They can transform a caboose into a wagon.

Learning Features: This toy looks like a train, but it introduces them with numbers and letter in a fun way.

1. Blocks: It includes 13-double-sided letter blocks. Each block has different colors, and they are used as trainload. Your kid can learn letters and count them to enhance counting skills.
2. Alphabet Book: At the main compartment, it has a colorful alphabet book. This book has six pages that are non-rip and water resistant. In each page, you’ll find letters with objects pictures.
3. Colorful Button: It includes five colorful piano buttons, which teaches numbers and colors.

Alphabet TrainFun Features: Let’s talk about how it provides enjoyment to your kid.

1. Motion Sensor: The best part of this train is that it entertains even the kids of 1 age. It comes with a motion sensor that activates while moving. When your kid gets hit with the toy, then it makes fun sounds.
2. Music: The VTech sit to stand alphabet train comes with over 100 sing-along songs, sound effects, music, and phrases.

Suitable Age: Although all aged kids will love this versatile and multifunctional toy. Still, VTech recommended this for child ages from 1 to 3 years.

Power Source: This toy operates on 3 AA batteries. One set of batteries is included for demo purpose.

Deficiency If Any

Since it is quite a large unit which takes a lot of spaces in your kid’s playroom. Also, there is a possibility that your kid may lose those small blocks. Well, in such cases you have to be careful when they are playing.

Do you know the best part? You will definitely find a charm on your baby’s face when they are playing with it. The VTech sit to stand alphabet train will take your child on a journey through numbers, letters, fun music, and more. That’s all for our VTech alphabet train reviews. So, it is the best time for the ride of a lifetime!

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