VTech Musical Rhymes Book – Pink Review

To all the parents, ever notice your baby’s reaction when they learn or discover new things? These times are precious, isn’t it? Hence, encourage your kid’s discovery and explanation with VTech musical rhymes book pink.

VTech know that your kid loves to do a great thing, that’s why they always bring uniquely designed electronic toys. Similarly, VTech musical rhymes book pink is not an ordinary book. It is basically a unique interactive musical rhymes book which directly responds to what baby naturally do.

Well, you are going to buy one for your child, but wait! Before that, you should check what’s inside? Don’t worry; we’ll guide you. Today we are here with our VTech musical rhymes book review. Let’s get started.

Features of VTech Musical Rhymes Book

VTech musical rhymes book includes many unique things for your little champ. Let’s have a look over them.


Design & Color: The best about this musical rhymes book is its appearances. The toy resembles a rhymes book where it has rhymes on each page. Also, it has different animal cartoon and mini-toys, which will indeed grab their attention.

The theme of the book is pink, but it also includes many other colors as well. Each portion is painted with different colors. The toy is made out of BPA-free plastic which is extremely safe for your kid.

Instrument Buttons: However, the book features five colorful piano button on the right side of the book. When your baby presses these buttons, it makes sounds and introduces colors. It plays in two different modes; learning mode and music mode.

Light-Up Star: One more attraction of this interactive toddler book is its star-shaped light. It flashes with the sounds. Your baby will love to repeat the music to watch the light flashing.


Interactive Features: Moreover, the rhymes book has big easy-to-turn pages. It comes with six classic nursery rhymes in each, and they play immediately after turning the specific page. This pre-K reading book includes more than 40 songs, melodies, sounds, and phrases as well. The music and rhymes get started after sliding and twisting fun play pieces. With these activities, it helps to enhance your baby’s motor skills.

Age Range: This interactive rhymes book is perfect for kid’s ages from 6 months to 3 years. You can even use more if your child love to listen to music further.

Power Source: It comes with 2 AAA batteries for demo purpose. You can use new, once they are done.

Drawbacks If Any

According to some parents, this little book requires lots of battery power to run. That means, you need to change the battery in every few days, which is really annoying. But, we think this is nothing in front of your kid’s smiling face. Also, few of them found this toy a bit heavy for their 6 to 12 months baby.

The Final Thoughts

You’ll hardly find such good-quality nursery rhymes. Alongside, the VTech musical rhymes book pink is one of the favorite selection among parents as well. So, with just a few dollars, you can provide them countless hours of enjoyment.

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