SwimWays Infant Baby Spring Float with Sun Canopy

Introducing toddlers with water has become more comfortable with baby floats. A quality baby float makes their swimming session entertaining. Those days are gone, when parents had to worry about their babies comfort in the water. Indeed. SwimWaysis making the toddlers ready to explore their watery new world.

SwimWays is leading the industry with their innovative leisure and recreational water products. Among all, the Swimways Infant Baby Spring Float is highly recommended by most parents. One of the reason is that it comes with an adjustable sun canopy to provide ultimate sun protection.

Why is Swimways Infant Baby Spring Float the best?

There are more reasons for which this baby float grabs the attention of most new parents. Let’s have a brief look over the features of SwimWays Infant Baby Spring Float.

Appearance: The attractive blue color and distinctive design is the crucial reason to pick this baby float. Babies always love to see what they find eye-catching. This baby float comes with gorgeousdeep-blue and sky-blue color combination.

Assembly: This high-quality baby float is equipped with a blend of PVC, Polyester, and Neoprene. This neoprene and polyester material keeps the fabric dries even in the water.

Besides, the edges are paved with steel to ensure its stability. All the sides are seamed so perfectly for assuring longevity. However, the material used here is extremely gentle to your toddler’s skin.

Sun Protection: The unique and best about this baby float is its adjustable canopy. This canopy provides optimum sun protection. That means, the damaging sun rays can’t harm your baby’s sensitive skin. Moreover, you can also remove the canopy from both sides for ease.

Comfort: The SwimWays Infant Baby spring Float will never let you down when it is about the baby’s comfort. It features an inner flotation seat that lifts your baby above the water. This soft fabric seat ensures that your baby can lay comfortably.

Safety: The critical part to consider while shopping for a baby float. It includes an adjustable 3-point harness, dual-inflation chamber, and child safety valve to keep your baby safe.

Built-In Handles: The design comes with built-in-handles which able the parents to hold the baby float. So you can be at peace if your baby is vivid by nature.

Portability: Although the entire unit seems quite bulky but you can easily fold the baby float for easy storage and transportation. This portable baby float easily fits in the carry bag so that you can take this for outdooring.

Dimension: SwimWays infant baby spring float has a perfect shape for your little hero. It measures 34″Length x 30″Width x 20.5″Height.

Colors: SwimWays Infant Baby Spring Float comes with two basic colors and one multicolor. Two basic colors are Blue and Pink. This product price may vary slightly depending on the color.

Age Limit: This Infant Baby Spring Float has designed for the babies aged 9 to 24 months. In very few cases it may vary depending on your baby sizes.

Deficiencies If Any?

Since it is about your baby, so we precisely look for the lacking in this baby float. We didn’t find anything serious except for some common comfort issue. Some parents find the seat a bit wide for their toddler. Besides, we expect head support here that we didn’t notice. Therefore, parents should be cautious.

The Final Verdict

Briefly, swimming is fun and safe with the SwimWays Infant Baby Spring Float. Its attractive color, safety features, and easy assembly is the reason to choose this baby float. With this high-quality baby float, your baby will find the water as the safest place to swim.

Although it helps your baby to float; but you have to make sure their safety thru standing their side. However, the SwimWays Infant baby spring float is what we needed so out little beauty could enjoy the pool!

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