SwimWays Baby Spring Float Mommy and Me Review

Imagine a situation, you are having a great pool session with your baby, and you don’t have to hold the baby float. Sound’s good, isn’t it? Indeed! SwimWays is turning it into reality. They bring an excellent baby float collection which is only dedicated to the mommy and the little champ.

SwimWays baby spring float mommy and me is one of SwimWays top choice among mommies. It is designed to keep in mind that it can boost the connection between both the baby and mommy. Let’s have a brief look over other features of the SwimWays baby spring float mommy and me.

Features of Swimways Baby Spring Float Mommy and Me

The baby float comes with numerous features that make the water time safer. Let’s see what SwimWays mommy and me brings for your sweetheart.

Unique Design and Color: Unlike many other SwimWays baby spring floats, it comes with an additional detachable float ring. This bright-colored baby float comes with a combination of blue, yellow, and white color. Also, the light blue colored border gives a touch of elegance.

Build Quality: SwimWays is a trusted name among parents due to its superior build quality. This premium baby float is built with a blend of durable fabrics. It has soft mesh seat on the center and enough space around the seat to keep the water toys and for splashing. Besides, the design features a bordered edge all over the float which locks the seams entirely.


Comfort and Stability: Its patented inner spring ensures the superior stability and comfort on the water. The soft mesh seat on the center keeps your baby in place. All the edges are extremely gentle to your baby’s skin.

Transportability: The SwimWays baby float is designed in a way that is easily foldable into a compact size. It allows you to take the float outside the home for ease of transport. Indeed, it’s an excellent option for travel.

Safety Features: SwimWays baby floats are incredibly safe for the baby. It includes dual air chamber which helps your baby to float. Likewise, the safety valves and a lower center of gravity enhances the security. Since your baby is attached to you through an inflatable ring so you can be sure about safety.

Removable Canopy: Like other SwimWays baby float, it includes a removable canopy along with UPF50+ sun protection. The canopy acts like a sun-shade to protect your baby from the sun. They can comfortably play with the water in the summer as well.

Measurements: Swimways Mommy and Me Float comes with a measurement of 34″ Length × 30″ Width × 3″ Height and Weight 1.29 pounds.

Age range: This Mommy and Me baby float is perfect for the babies from 9 to 24 month old. But we found a lot of people uses this mommy and me float for their under nine months child. Basically it depends on how big and strong your child is.

Drawbacksmommy & me float

Although this exclusive baby float is designed with a high motive but it has some lacking as well. Like, some parents find it a bit hard to blow up the float. Moreover, the mommy and me baby float is not suitable for the river or lake, only a pool float.

The Final Verdict

Honestly, it is one of the coolest selection for your baby to make the nerve-wracking experience of water introduction more pleasing. You little sweetheart love to see you all the time. So, keep your baby close with this mommy and me pool float. Don’t miss a single smile by standing in front of your little champ.


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