SwimWays Baby Spring Float Activity Center with Canopy

SwimWays- an award-winning brand and proudly leading the industry with a wide range of product for the entire family. Their motive is to make the pool a place where your family and friends can splash, relax, and be together. Beside their collections for elders, they have some adorable addition for your toddler.

Their baby float collections are gaining popularity due to its comfortable features. Likewise, the SwimWays baby spring float activity center is one of the best addition because of its unique activity center. It helps the babies and parents to enjoy the water introduction experience. Allow us to provide more information about the SwimWays baby spring float activity center.

Why SwimWays Baby Spring Float Activity Center with Canopy is the best?

The SwimWays baby float has more features for which we can consider this as the best. Scroll down to know more.

Design and Attractions: Baby floats always come with eye-catching designs. Similarly, the SwimWays baby spring float features an attractive design with a combination of blue and green color. The unique about this baby float is its inflated octopus head which is removable as well. You can turn the head 360o around to grab your child’s attraction.

Additionally, it includes different types of inflatable toys to keep your baby active in the water.Your baby can play with rattle, squeaker, stacking rings, and soft touch star. With so many toys around, your little one will feel safe.?

Construction: This baby float is built with a combination of Polyester and PVC material. It is extremely water resistant and helps your baby to float. Also, its patented inner spring is sewn into the float beside the edge of the outermost inflation chamber underneath the fabric cover.

At the edge of the round baby float, it includes a steel frame to prevent the bending. The seams are so perfect that assures durability. Also, at the center, it has mesh fabric with two log holes.

Comfort and Stability: The design comes with a wide base to assure stability while swimming. Besides, the mesh fabric at the center is so soft that your baby can comfortably seat for long.

Safetyand Portability: The best part about this inflatable is its safety features. It comes with a child safety valve for ensuring your baby’s protection. Also, the dual air chambers boost security even after frequent movements. The entire unit is foldable into three compact circles for easy transportation.

Swimway Activity Center

Sun Protection: This SwimWays baby float comes with a removable canopy which provides the sun shield. It has the mesh design at the side of the canopy that allows you to maintain eye contact with your baby. The attached canopy has a steel edge to keep it in place.

Types and Colors: SwimWays Baby Spring Float Activity Center has two versions. One is Lobster (contains a Lobster toy) and another is Octopus (contains a Octopus toy). Lobster version has two colors Blue and Orange, and Octopus version has two colors Blue and Green. Price may vary slightly depending one the version selections.

Dimensions: The dimension of SwimWays Baby Spring Float Activity Center is 34″Length x 30″Width x 20.5″Height and the weight limit is 30 lbs.

Age Range: Manufacturer recommended age for babies 9 months to 2 years.

Problems If Any

Everything is perfect about this baby float except the seat portion. The seat seems a bit low in the water for a baby. Also, some claims about the canopy which is not easy to fold.

Wrapping Up

The SwimWays baby spring float activity center provides the best way to introduce your baby with the water. It assures your baby’s freedom of motion so they can grow up with confidence. Also, fun activity toys make the swimming session amusing. So, let’s take the joy of swimming to the next level with this elegant baby float.

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