Sea Eagle SE370 Inflatable Sport Kayak Reviews

Looking for an all-rounder kayak for the entire family? Great! You are in the right place. Sea Eagle brings a similar kayak for both professional and novice kayaker of all ages. Sea eagle is one of the pioneering manufacturers when it comes to making quality inflatable kayaks. Likewise, Sea Eagle SE370 Inflatable Sport kayak is one of their quality addition in the inflatable kayak’s list.

Sea Eagle SE370 is an excellent solution for anyone who is looking for a professional-quality kayak within budget. It is one of the versatile, durable, and affordable option available in the market. Sea Eagle SE370 is one of their reliable kayaks as it is certified by the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA).

However, it’s already taking up the spotlight for all the good reasons. Today, you’ll get to know all the reasons in details in our Sea Eagle SE370 Inflatable kayak reviews. Before that, let’s have a look over the product specifications at a glance.

Specifications at a Glance

Interior Dimension: 10’×8”×1’1”
Exterior Dimension: 12’×6”×2’10”
Deflated Dimension: 31”×19”×8”
Person’s Capacity: 3 person
User Weight Capacity: 650 pounds
Kayak’s Weight: 32 pounds
Tube Diameter: 9 inches
Chambers: 3 (Port, Starboard, Floor)
Inflation Time: 8-10 minutes

Why We Pick Sea Eagle SE370 Inflatable Sport Kayak?

Whether it is the quality or price point or ease of use, Sea Eagle SE370 can easily beat the competitors. Let’s know more about them.

Solid Construction: When it is about the construction, other expensive models cannot beat this kayak either. Sea Eagle SE370 is equipped with 38mm PolyKrylar which is uniform throughout for clean and perfect welding. The material is exceptionally tear-resistant that is tough enough to withstand dog paws. It is so hard that a small puncture doesn’t result in a big problem. It has extra material reinforced with a bow and stern grab line, which protect it from impacts. Moreover, the kayak is resistant to salt and saltwater that make it more durable.

Bright Design: The kayak comes in a bright white color along with blue borderlines, which makes it visible in the water for added safety. It includes an I-beam construction floor for extra rigidity.

Self-Bailing Drain Valve: The Sea Eagle SE370 features a self-bailing drain valve that allows you clear the excess water if needed. It is one of the handy features that is required for easy removal of water in Whitewater Rivers or ocean surf. Besides, it has three one-way valves which are great for preventing accidental leakage.

Removable Skegs: Unlike other inflatable kayaks, the Sea Eagle SE370 features two removable skegs at the rear bottom. These skegs help to track the direction of water and enhance speed to reduce zigzagging motion while paddling.


Versatility: The kayak comes with two adjustable seats that can be repositioned so it can be used in either a solo or tandem setup. You can also take your pet along with you into the next kayaking trip.

Convenience: Along with two adjustable seats, it can carry the user up to 650 pounds. Which is good enough for the couple with their dog. Also, It has sufficient space at the front and rear deck for carrying necessary things.

One more unique about this kayak is the pressure gauge. It tells you the air requirement to pump the kayak. The kayak is so easy to inflate or deflate, instead of the larger design. It gives you the ease to carry the whole unit into your backpack.

What’s included?

The kayak comes with a foot pump for inflation, two paddles, and a carry bag for convenient carrying.

Any Downsides?

• The included paddle seems cheap and weak.
• Some people claim about low support on the inflatable seats.
• Few users found the construction a bit narrow.

Wrapping Up

To sum up, Sea Eagle SE370 is a true winner, if you are looking for a fun and affordable way to get into the world of inflatable kayaking. This versatile kayak let them do everything, what they want to do the most with their kayak. That’s all for our Sea Eagle SE370 inflatable sport kayak reviews. Enjoy the next kayaking session with the nearest one!

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