Schwinn Infant Helmet Jungle Review

Infants love to discover; they tend to play without thinking twice. As from small beginnings… come great things. So, let them discover and leave the rest on Schwinn. Schwinn is a trusted brand in the market. This time we have come with one of their best infant product. Talking about, Schwinn Infant Helmet Jungle.

The Schwinn infant helmet jungle is possibly the smallest helmet available in the stores. It includes all the quality features that most parents are looking for in their toddler’s accessories. Besides, it covers a little more than most. The Schwinn infant helmet jungle is best for babies riding in bike seats, who requires a safety helmet with a flat back.

However, it includes more outstanding features that make it best of all. We’ll discuss those features today in our Schwinn infant helmet jungle review. Let’s get started.

Features of Schwinn Infant Helmet Jungle

In case you are looking for a helmet that could pass safety standards and can be used as casual wear, then this is your match. Let’s know why!

Schwinn Infant

Eye-Catching Design and Colors: The first thing your baby will love is the bright jungle design on this helmet. So, wearing helmets is a not difficult task anymore. Also, we love the eye-catching jungle print over the exterior of the helmet. It includes trees, birds, sky, many more printed in a different color.

Durable Build: The Schwinn Infant Helmet jungle is made out of durable Hardshell. The material has a shiny and smooth texture that makes it abrasion-resistant. Moreover, it features a smooth rounded edge which won’t hurt your kid.

Ventilation: So, you think about how it would pass the air when they wear a helmet. Don’t worry; the Schwinn infant helmet jungle comes with six flow vents. They are so perfectly placed that your baby will stay cool and fresh even in sunny day. It maintains the proper airflow from both directions. So, they can play and burn energy with ease.

Comfort: While looking for the best kids helmet, one of the crucial thing that we consider is its comfort level. It features a 360o internal padding system which ensures optimum comfort. Nevertheless, the soft inner pads come with sweat-absorption capabilities. So, they will find it comfortable to wear.

Schwinn Infant

Coverage and Fit: The Schwinn Infant helmet jungle covers more than most. It features a lower molded shell for extended rear coverage. Hence, it provides 360o protection of baby’s precious head.

Furthermore, the helmet includes a dial fit which offers complete adjustability for a larger and smaller head. They can wear this helmet with ease even when they grow older. Thanks to the easy adjustment dial. Also, it has a long Velcro strap that holds your baby’s head nicely.

Visor: Since your baby may play on a sunny day. That’s why the Schwinn infant helmet jungle comes with a built-in visor to cover their face and eyes entirely.

Sizing: Manufacturer’s recommended this helmet for 9-month infant to 4-years child. The Schwinn Infant helmet also features head circumference of 44-49cm range. So, match the size with your baby’s head and buy accordingly.

Drawbacks If Any

For your buying convenience, we would also add what could have been better in our Schwinn infant helmet jungle review. For example, we expect a sturdier locking mechanism to prevent the displacement of the helmet. Because it is babies nature that they’ll pull and tug whatever they wear. Also, the Velcro strap does need some reinforcement to help the helmet work accurately.

Final Words

Probably the Schwinn infant helmet jungle is one of the most comfortable helmets for your baby. Still, you can ignore the above issues as you are getting this an affordable price. To sum up, we must say its a good purchase. Hope, after reading our Schwinn Infant Helmet Jungle review, you can find the perfect match for your little champ.

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