LeapFrog My Pal Violet Review: Interactive Fun

Looking for a best friend for your little star? Cool! You are in the right place. A fantastic interactive toy is brought for your kid by the LeapFrog. You’ve heard it right. The LeapFrog My Pal Violet is a playful, collaborative, and user-friendly toy for babies and toddlers.

However, it is basically a cuddly puppy which is customizable to suit an individual child. Do you know, happiness is a warm puppy? True! When babies meet puppies; the resultant is only a smiling face. Nevertheless, the LeapFrog My pal violet does so much more than other talking or singing toys. Hence, today we are signing in with our LeapFrog my pal violet review. Scroll down to know more.

Features of LeapFrog My Pal Violet

Wondering, how can a puppy be educational for your toddler! Well, let’s know the reasons;

My Pal

Appearances and Color: The first thing that will grab your baby’s attention is its adorable appearance. My pal violet resembles a cute little puppy. Its bright and colorful design helps to make it friendly with your baby. This cool plush puppy has so many colors in the body that your baby will love to keep it by the side. Apart from these, we found its little pink-colored tongue more adorable.

Interactive Features: It comes with more than 15 learning activities for your kid. They can learn about animals, food, color, sports, and many more. The best about this puppy is that it can call your baby with the name. For that, you need to teach violet your child’s name.

The LeapFrog my pal violet will act like your child’s best playtime friend. Moreover, it teaches your baby first words, emotions, feelings, counting, and many more.

2014 Silver Best Baby Toy for 12-24 Months & 2015 Shortlisted Best Toddler Toy in Mother&Baby Awards

Fun Features: To build your toddler as a fun-loving personality, it brings a lot of fun features. You baby can listen to more than 40 learning songs, melodies, and rhymes. Along with daytime fun, my pas violet also accompanies them during bedtime. It features a lullaby timer with 5, 10, or 15 minutes of bedtime music.

My Pal

Personalization and Compatibility: The best about this toy is, you can personalize the puppy toy using smart devices. Isn’t it great? You have the option to decide what your baby is going to listen. Also, you can set up your baby’s favorite music, rhymes, and many more. The toy has excellent compatibility with all kind of internet server, whether it is PC, Mac computer, iOS or Android.

Age Range: This adorable cuddly pal is recommended for children ages 6-months to 36-months.

Drawbacks If Any

Since babies love to keep this puppy toy by the side, so deeply look for its drawbacks. We didn’t find any issue regarding its functionality and durability. Still, if the toy gets dirty then what would you do then? You cannot wash the toy as it is not washable. In such a case, we would suggest wiping with a clean cloth. Also, the toy cannot pronounce the unique or extensive name.

The Final Words

In brief, the LeapFrog my pal violet is one of the lively puppies; which will positively interact with your kid.To add more perspective to our LeapFrog My Pal Violet review, we did ask for parent’s feedback. Luckily, the majority of them find this a great toy for their kid. So, leave your toddler to talk and play with this charming puppy!

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