LeapFrog LeapReader Learn to Read Volume 1 Review

A book is like a garden, the more you see, the more you can explore! In case of children’s book, it’s like a security blanket; warm from the outside and deeply symbolic from inside. Also, it’s a charming blend of simplicity and life lessons. Likewise, LeapFrog brings an exciting reading series for your curious toddler.

Well, we are talking about leapfrog Leapreader learn to read volume 1. The best part of this educational book is that it includes beautiful cartoon stories. Besides, LeapFrog LeapReader books are the best option for your kid to explore all the fun. So, planning to buy one for your child? Well, then you must check our LeapFrogLeapReader books review. Allow us to provide some more information.

Details aboutLeapFrogLeapReaderLearn to Read

It comes with so many features to help your baby to proceed at their own pace toward independent reading. Let’s know briefly about them.


What Is LeapReader?: Before you know why we choose this for most of the toddlers, let us explain more about LeapReader. It’s a Tag reading system or a talking pen we can say. LeapReadercan count, talk, play music and can read. It works together with a complete library of entirely interactive books.

What Is Inside?: The leapfrog leapreader learn to read volume 1 come with six book sets to explore the short vowels. In the first set, it includes short vowels, set-2 includes Long vowels and silent E & Y, set-3 includes consonants, and the 4th set advanced vowels. The book works with the Tag system which will tell your baby about different letters and characters of stories.

LeapReader Learn to Read Book Set, Volume 1 is the perfect set of books to introduce your child to short vowel sounds.

How Does It Work?: The LeapReader works in sync with LeapReader book. In each book, you’ll find a set of symbols at the bottom. The pen tells that what your baby is reading. It tells you about all the exciting stories and tasks.


What Sets It Apart?: The first thing that we liked about the LeapReader books is its slimmer design. These books are more comfortable to hold. However, this early reading series builds core phonics skills. In each book sets it includes numerous benefit for your kid. For example; your kid can learn to read and spell different short vowel pattern and long vowel pattern as well.

It builds phonics skill like it teaches the relationship between sounds in spoken words and letters. Besides, it teaches them the way to pronounce slight words, like where, the, and so on. One more specialty about this book is that it lets your kid learn the rhyming words; which develop vocabulary skill.

Who Is This Book Suggested For?: The LeapFrogLeapReader book is suggested for kid’s ages from 4 to 6 years.

What could be better?

Not Much! We only expected some advanced stories in the book. Like, they mentioned it is recommended for 4 to 6 years old kids. Hence, we found it a little bit basic for this age range.

Final Thoughts

In brief, the Leapfrog Leapreader learn to read volume 1 is an all-in-one solution for kids of all ages. Indeed, your baby will learn about vocabulary, and it reinforces what your child is learning at school. They can recognize letters and spell correctly through reading. However, hope, our LeapFrogLeapReader books review makes it easier to make the decision. So, encourage your little start to read, learn, and explore more!

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