LeapFrog Chat and Count Smart Phone Review

Is your baby insisting on playing with your smartphone? Don’t worry, let them play, but wait? Not with your smartphone, instead of with LeapFrogsmartphone. Yes, you’ve heard it right.

The LeapFrog chat and count smartphone is a fun learning toy for your toddler. Wondering, how can a fun learning toy to be a smartphone! Leapfrog makes it possible with its highly functional smartphone toy. They can explore more with dialing buttons.

However, this interaction smartphone helps to improve your baby’s social skills. Want to know, what else it brings for your kid? We’ll guide you with our LeapFrog smartphone review. Let’s get started.

Features of LeapFrog Chat and Count Smart Phone

It brings numerous exciting features for your baby. Let’s have a brief look over them.

Color and Design: Like other LeapFrog toys, this smartphone also comes with a bright color. It will attract the baby’s attention for sure. The toy’s design is similar to an Android smartphone. It has ten numbers button and two calling buttons. Besides, it features a new light-up screen along with a puppy cartoon.

Phone Activities: The toy includes more than 15 activities for your kid. Your baby can pretend and play like an actual smartphone. All these activities encourage their imaginative play.

Conversational Skills: It has two calling button including a call button and call-off button. With a single push on the call button, your baby can talk to the installed puppy. In the conversation, it teaches your baby some basic about two-way communication. For example; saying hello, how are you, nice to talk to you, and goodbye. Indeed, a great toy for toddler and infants to enhance their social skills.

Smart Phone

Learning Skills: Since the toy includes a 10 number button where each button represents some different functions. It teaches you baby counting number from 1 to 10. The installed scout/violet shows all these in a fun way. Besides, your baby can sing along with the puppy. The toy helps your baby to learn proper phone manner. Moreover, it’s a smart selection to chat and count with the puppy.

Age Range: This fun smartphone is appropriate for toddlers above 18 months.

Power Source: This cute little smartphone is powered by 3 AAA alkaline battery. Although the initial batteries are included with the toy but the replacement is readily available. According to some users, this toy requires minimal power which makes the toy durable enough.

Drawbacks If Any

As you are buying this smartphone for your baby as a fun toy, so we densely checked the drawbacks as well. We found the toy a bit heavier and wide for a small child. They may find it challenging to handle the phone. Also, we expect the display unit a bit wider for easy viewing.

Final Words

Briefly, at first look, you’ll definitely think the LeapFrog smartphone as one of those traditional cellphones. Moreover, this cute toy is one of the most reviewed products available in the market. You’ll surely feel the differences when your baby will enjoy playing with the LeapFrog smartphone. Hope, our Leapfrog smartphone review makes it easier to take a decision. So, Go For It!

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