Joovy Noodle Helmet Review: Perfect For Your Active Child

When it is about safety, it’s never too early to set a good example. Do you know? Teaching children about safety and developing good safety habits is an essential part of parenting. That is why Joovy has designed a range of safety helmets exclusively for the cutest member of the family.

Joovy Noodle helmet is one of their popular addition. Your baby will definitely want to wear the helmet, as it keeps them fashionably sleek and comfortable. Whereas the most inexpensive helmets are bulky, there the Joovy Noodle helmet is an exception.

It offers more excellent protection along with a traditional style outlook. This could be very exciting for your little one that their helmet resembles the helmet of elders. Apart from these, today we’ll discuss more the Joovy noodle helmet in our Joovy noodle helmet review. Let’s get started.

Features of Joovy Noodle Helmet

Joovy noodle helmet comes with a lot of exciting features for those parents, who are worried about their child’s safety. Scroll down to know more about them.

Joovy Noodle Helmet

Construction: The Joovy noodle is solidly built and well-made as any of the adult helmets. It looks sturdy from the outside, but inside the helmet, it includes padded foam. The build quality is so durable that it’ll last for an extended period.

Design: The helmet is one of the sleek and stylish helmets that comes with eye-catching colors. Your child can choose their favorite color among them. Besides, it features a large padded rear for user’s comfort.

Adjustable Dial: With an adjustable fit dial in the back interior, the Joovy noodle helmet is incredibly easy to adjust. The dial allows fitting in any head size of children’s. Furthermore, when your child grows, you can use this adjustable dial to keep the fit comfortable.

Ventilation: It features 14 vent holes that come with integrated bug mesh, to keep your child’s head cool. The bug mesh is incorporated across the front section of vents.You’ll hardly find that many vents in a helmet. These holes are so extensive that assures natural air flows.

Build-in Visor: One more best about this helmet is that it protects your child from harmful sun rays. It features an extensive visor that completely covers their eyes and face. They’ll get ultimate sun protection while being comfortable.

Joovy Noodle Helmet

Safety Feature: The Joovy noodle helmet comes with a user-friendly nylon strap along with buckles. It will not pinch the baby’s gentle chin as the helmet has a pinch guard chin strap. However, it offers an exceptional level of protection and comfort. The strap also ensures that it stays in place even when your child fall into the ground.

Sizing and Recommended Age: Moreover, the helmet comes in two adjustable sizes, i.e., small and medium. Itoffers a head sizeof 18.5 inches to 22 inches. This lightweight helmet is perfect for children ages from 1 year to 9 years old.

Deficiency If Any

Though it is one of the best helmets in terms of protection and comfort. Still, some parents claim that it requires a particular head size to match their child’s head size. Also, due to the padded design, it should be cleaned carefully for ensuring durability.

The Final Verdict

Joovy believes that worrying about kid’s falling should never stop them from adventuring. The Joovy noodle helmet is so sturdy that you’ll never allow them to get out without it. Indeed, it has that x-factor that every parent look into their kid’s helmet.

Forget the scary face of your child,when they are riding in bike or skateboard. However, our Joovy noodle helmet review helps you to make a decision. So, get the optimum safety without any struggle!

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