Intex Whale Baby Float With Sun Shade Review

Sensible parents always care about the healthy and holistic growth of their children. Possibly, this is the reason that they try to familiarize their child with healthy activities like arts, music, swimming, and so on.

The Intex is making it easier for the parents so that they can go one step further in their child progress. They make sure that you can spend quality time with your kiddo in the pool.

However, your little one will have a fun time in the pool with this cute Intex Whale baby float. It comes with a design that is entirely safe for your baby. Many parents highly recommend the Intex whale baby float due to its eye-catching whale character. Let’s know more.

Why is good about Intex Whale Baby Float?

Well, let’s see what the Intex Whale baby float is offering for your toddler.

Design and color: The first thing that your baby will love is its large whale-shaped design. The entire float has a gentle combinationof blue and white color. The smiley on the whale’s face will definitely bring a smile in your baby’s face.

Construction: The Intex Whale baby float is equipped with smooth seams to prevent irritation in the water. Also, the material is so soft and gentle to your baby’s skin. That means you can stay relaxed when your baby is on the float.

Safety and comfort: This premium baby float includes two air chambers which help your baby to float. It also includes two wide leg holes and your baby can safely fit on them. Since your baby’s legs are free to move so, they can get engaged in limb activity.

Moreover, it features an enormous whale’s eyes for gripping. You baby can comfortably float in the water by holding these eyes. Also, the design includes two fins to prevent the chances of overturning.

Intex Baby Float

Sun protection: The main attraction of the Intex whale baby float is its flipper-up tail. It is basically the tail of the whale character which acts as sun-shade. This inflatable tail is so broad that easily protect your baby from harmful sun-rays.

Dimensions: It comes with a approximate dimension of 41″Length x 41″Width x 33″Height, which has the weight capacity of up to 25lbs.

Age Limit: Finally, the Intex whale-shaped baby float is compatible with the age of one year plus baby.

Problems If Any

Like always, we looked for the deficiencies to make you aware. The inflatable sun-shade should have been a little bit bigger to provide complete protection. Also, some parents didn’t find the proper fit in leg holes with their child. So make sure that you get the accurate fit for your baby.

Wrapping Up

Apart from some minor issues, this inflatable whale is an excellent choice for your little water lover. The appearance keeps your baby entertained, and all other features ensure the enjoyable time in the pool. Indeed, the Intex Whale Baby Float is an excellent addition to your kiddy pool!

Remember one thing, it keeps your baby floating in the water, but this is not a lifesaving gear. So, always keep your eyes on them.

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