Giro Scamp Youth Bike Helmet Review: The Right Choice

Childhood is the best part of life; it should be carefree while playing in the sun. Hence, the Giro is here to take care of them. The Giro is serving kids with their several safety gears associated with cycling. The quality and longevity of their product are absolutely tremendous.

Likewise, Giro scamp youth bike helmet is one of their quality addition. Due to its design and fits, it is considered as one of the best helmets in the market. Besides, you may have seen the Giro scamp bike helmet anywhere around you.

People often ask that, why Giro scamp bike helmet is so famous among kids? Well, to inform you the reason, we are signing in with our Giro scamp youth bike helmet review. Read on to know more.

Features of Giro Scamp Bike Helmet

The Giro scam bike helmet is packed with lots of amazing features. Let’s know about them.

Giro Scamp

Design and Shape: Those days are gone when people used to have one helmet for every purpose. The Giro scamp youth bike helmet is specially designed for children to use during biking and cycling. However, the kid’s helmet is like shoes; they never want to wear them. But, your child will definitely love to wear this helmet, due to its attractive, fun colors.

Construction: The Giro scamp bike helmet is made with synthetic material. It uses unique In-Molded shell which makes it extra-strong. The exterior of the helmet has smooth edges, which is fused with interior foam lining.

Comfort and Fit: Whereas other poor-quality helmets are heavy and uncomfortable to wear. Luckily, the Giro scamp comes with Roc. Loc. Jr fit system that is shaped to curvature child’s head.
Besides, it has a large rubberized knob which helps to adjust the helmet for proper tension. It is so lightweight and slimmer that your child can wear with ease.

Width adjustments and Buckles: The Giro scamp youth bike helmet features an easy-to-use dial-adjust fit system. These dial-adjust systems are far more significant to other interchangeable pad systems. However, it is so easy to use, and even your kid can change it. It also comes with pinch-guard buckle to reduce the chances of hurting your child.

Giro Scamp

Coverage and Visor: Furthermore, the shell of scamp is quite similar to the adult’s helmet. The scamp includes an integrated visor which helps to protect your little champ’s eye and face. It entirely shades their face and eye’s from the sun. Also, we love the rear of helmets. It is flat enough and comes with plenty of space for better head coverage.

Ventilation: The Giro scamp bike helmet comes with eight large-enough vents.It maintains the proper airflow in the helmet to keep your kid cool. Also, the inner padding has sweat absorption capabilities to keep them dry for an extended period.

Sizing: It is available at XS(extra-small) and S(small) size. Whereas, the XS one fits children of 12-months to 2 years with a head circumference of 45cm to 49cm. The small one fits toddlers of 2 to 5 years with 49cm to 53cm head circumference.

Deficiencies If Any

Though it is one of the popular kid’s bike helmet available in the market. Still, we expect magnetic buckle here for more effortless adjustment. Also, there should have been more vent holes for better ventilation.

Final Thoughts

In every sense, the Giro scamp youth bike helmet is a clear winner. The quality is excellent; it fits good, and much handier option for your little cyclist. Although the Giro scamp bike helmet is designed for kids, you’ll get all other facilities like adults helmets. So, what are you waiting for? One more thing, though the scamp provides ultimate safety, still you should never leave them unattended.

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