Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Chair Review

Every child grows in their own pace, but modern technologies give them a little boost up. What if I tell you that your baby can sit and discover new things with a single toy? True! With Fisher-Price laugh and learn smart stages chair, your little one will feel like king or queen.

The Fisher-Price Laugh and learn smart stages chair comes with so many learning contents. So, planning to buy one for your little champ? Well, at that point you must know that Fisher price brings for your baby. Don’t worry; we’ll discuss them in our Fisher Price laugh & learn smart stages chair review.

Features of Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Chair

Let’s know briefly what is waiting for your kid-

Stages Chair

Unique Design and Color: Ever thought, a chair can be a medium of fun? Sound’s bizarre, isn’t it? Well, Fisher Price makes this possible. The laugh and learn smart stages chair comes with a distinctive design. Your baby will become curious at first glance, for sure.

The toy chair has one more reason to grab your child’s attention. It is the combination of bright yellow color with a deep blue color. Besides, you’ll find more colors in different parts of the chair. The toy chair also includes a smiley face drawn on the backrest, to make them happy. Moreover, it is equipped with safe and comfortable plastic material.

Different Stages: Your baby will learn as they grow. It features Smart Stages Technology which divides the functions into three different levels. In each level, it has a variety of developmentally suitable songs, sounds, and phrases. In level one, they will learn to explore by doing some busy activations. It instructs like, to stand “UP” or to sit “DOWN,” or to listen to any songs press a button.

In level two, the toy encourages children to get involved. It includes the introduction of numbers, action, and many more. In level three, your baby can engage in imaginative play, like exploring remote channels, turning pages, playing pick-a-boo, and other imaginative play.

Expand and Play: One of the main attraction of this toy is that you can lift the seat cushion for fun surprises. You can make their playtime enjoyable by hiding anything under the seat. Later, tell them to lift the place and ask to find out. You can sometimes hide a cookie or small toy or their favorite things. Experts say that these activities help to build an excellent relationship between moms and kids.

Age Range: Since the toy chair includes different stages, so it is recommended for children’s of different age. Hence, according to the manufacturer, the toy is perfect for children above 12-months.

Power Source: The Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn smart stages chair doesn’t require any cords or plugs. You’ll only need 3 AAA batteries to run the toy chair.

Drawbacks If Any

Although it has a lot of tunes and features, some parents found issues with the battery compartment. It would have been nicer if it comes with more accessible battery compartment. Also, it looks slightly little for healthy babies.

Wrapping Up

Indeed, your baby will learn their first words, numbers, shapes, colors and many more with this smart stages chair. It will also make them more confident and enhance coordination. That’s all for the Fisher Price laugh and learn smart stages chair review. Hope, your baby enjoys playing with this smart stages chair.

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