Bell Segment Multi-Sport Helmet Review: Best Shape Ever

Do you know, among all helmet design, which one is very much popular? It is the classical old-school skate-style helmet. This time Bell brings a similar design for your child along with improved ventilation and comfortable inner linear system. Talking about the Bell Multi-Sport Helmet child.

The Bell multisport helmet is one of the most-loved helmets of all the time. Moreover, the unique classical look and enhanced airflow of this helmet set it apart from others. It fits much more like a cap than a helmet, so your kid will love to wear the helmet.

Apart from all these, Bell multisport helmet comes with many other features that make it a top choice. So, without wasting your precious time, let’s get straight to the point. In this review, we’ll tell you all the features of Bell Multi Sport Helmet child. In the end, you’ll definitely get the reason to buy this helmet. Let’s get started.

Features of Bell Multisport Helmet

People love the way they look; however they don’t always love the way they feel. The Bell multisport helmet is going to change this concept. Let’s know why!

Bell Segment Multi-Sport Helmet

Appearance: The Bell Multi Sport Helmet child looks like a rigid bowl-style shell. This design is unique and accepted among parents instead of being straightforward. Also, it is available in many vibrant colors to attract your child.

Build-Quality: This unique helmet is made up of ABS hard plastic shell. The outer shell is so sturdy that it can easily protect your kid from any injuries. Moreover, the interior has dual-density EPS foam liner that will cushion their head from collisions and crushes.

This EPS liner is divided into several segments that are connected by a reinforcing skeleton. It keeps the segments all together but allows the helmet to bend for optimum feeling. However, its robust build-quality makes it perfect for biking, skateboarding, long boarding, roller skating and so on.

Comfort: The inner padded segments make the helmet comfortable to wear. They won’t feel anything hard while wearing the helmet. These segments also keep the sweat entirely away from your head. Instead of the padded inner and robust outer shell, the helmet is extremely lightweight and comfortable to wear.

Ventilation: Proper ventilation is the main factor that you should consider while buying a helmet for your kid. Like other Bell helmets, Bell multisport helmet comes with 8 cooling vents. Although these vent holes look small, they ensure enhanced airflow through the helmet. So, your little one will stay cool and hydrated all the time when they outside home.

Bell Segment Multi-Sport Helmet

Adjustment: To ensure the secured fit, the Bell Multi Sport Helmet child comes with a standard buckle design. The buckles are attached to the straps, which are sandwiched between the outer shell and foam liner. However, these adjustment straps and buckles prevent the helmet from the displacements.

Sizing: This premium-quality helmet is available for most head circumference sizes. It is recommended for the head size from 58cm to 63cm or 22.75″ to 24.75″.

Downsides If Any

If we specifically talk about the downsides, then we cannot add any severe issues; except a few feedback from users. Although the helmet is famous for its outlook, still few parents found it way simpler than others. Also, few of them found it a bit heavier for a smaller head. Probably this is due to the padded segments.

Final Thoughts

See! This Bell multisport helmet covers a wide range of applications. Isn’t it? With a versatile design and perfect set-up, it provides optimum comfort. It fits perfectly in any head sizes while retaining the retro look. Besides, its robust exterior last for long and interior structure stays intact. In every sense, it is a real winner. Now it’s your turn to re-think and make a decision!

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