Bell Rally Child Helmet Review: A Better Fitting Helmet

Children’s future is bright when the parents make the right decision for them. Hence, make their future bright and safe by proving an ideal safety gear, especially when they go out for outdoor activities. Bell is a trusted name in such case, as they bring a wide range of better fitting helmets.

Likewise, the Bell rally child helmet is one of their most reviewed helmets. It is an affordable helmet that is worth every penny. The helmet is liked by most parents; as it provides excellent fitting.

Additionally, the Bell rally child helmet is an excellent selection for the summer. Wondering, why? Don’t worry. We’ll let you know the reason in our Bell rally child helmet review. Let’s get straight to the point, without wasting your precious time.

Features of Bell rally child helmet

There are several reasons for which the Bell rally child helmet get enormous popularity. Read on to know the reasons.

Bell Rally

Appearance: The first thing that will definitely grab your kid’s attention is its bright color combinations. It comes with a padded yet lightweight design. The design is entirely related to the old traditional adult’s bike helmet.

Build-Quality: The Bell rally child helmet comes with sturdy and durable shell constructions. It seems quite stable from the outside. Whereas the inside padding is well-shaped to rhymes with your kid’s head. It features the tapeless technology which delivers a seamless finish while increasing durability.

Adjustment System: It features a one-step adjustment system for adjusting according to your kid’s head size. Unlike others, the helmet offers true-fit self-adjusting fit belt which reduces the necessity of adjusting most frequently.

Built-In Visor: The best about the Bell rally child helmet is that it comes with built-in visors to protect your kid’s gentle skin. However, this extra-large visor helps your kid to focus ahead.

Ventilation: Your kid will absolutely feel comfortable in this helmet since it includes 11 large vents. These large vent holes are the reason for which it is considered as the best option for summer.

They help for heat dissipation during hot summer days as well. Besides, these vents help to cut down the weight, which makes the helmet lightweight.

Bell Rally

Safety Features: To assure the secured fit, it includes buckles on the straps. The buckle is basically easy-hook-in that allow easy buckling and unbuckling. Besides, it includes a pinch guard which ensures that your kid is not pinched while wearing the helmet.

Additionally, the Bell rally child helmet features a size adjuster alongside chain straps to ensure the best fit.It also includes reflectors to ensure that your child is visible in the road.

Dimension and Suggested Age: Considering the size, it fits in any kid with a head circumference of between 52cm to 56cm. Moreover, it is 6-inch wide and 7-inch long inside the helmet. The size is perfect for kid’s ages from 3 to 6 years old.

Drawbacks If Any

Although everything is perfect about this helmet except one thing. For example, it includes quite poor gluing inside sticker hair may stuck. Also, we expect an adjustable rear to ensure much better fitting. Probably, this is the reason that many parents found it a bit unfit to their children below five years.

Final Words

Most of the head injury happened due to bike-related accidents. Whereas, a properly fitted helmet can reduce the head injuries sustained during an accident. There is no better option than the Bell rally child helmet in terms of assuring best fit. In addition, you can entirely trust on the helmet as it is CPSC 1203 bike compliant and bike certified.

Hopefully, our Belly rally child helmet review has provided enough reason for considering it as the best option available in the market. Now you leave your child ride off happily, just make sure that they wear the Belly rally child helmet!

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